‘Twas one bright afternoon in the month of May
The sun enlightened our atmosphere by her fiery ray
To the magnificent countryside I make my way
Observe the doings of people on this very day
Are children swimming in the pond or games play
Building tree houses in the forest, in meadows dancing gay
Are they enjoying nature and her beautiful display
The mountain peaks, valleys, the rivers and the bay
Fish in lakes, birds in the sky animals grazing hay
Certainly it would be a violation in the cellar to stay

Pondering thoughts to the marketplace I stray
The sun seems extinguished, sky’s dressed gray
No laughter joy just merchants debating a pay
A discount, a sale, a loan, his friend to betray
Integrity has no place an honest voice no say
Controlled by crooks that make Shylock look okay
People so tense, so worried so selfish why are they

I see a  palace, elegant floors of parquet
Butlers garbed in tuxedos stand by rich buffet
I approach and realize, the place in disarray
A thief has robbed the premises of a golden tray
“Justice upon the robber”, a message to convey
In presence of a bribe, righteousness is but a cliché

Oh! I envy the corpse many decades in decay
For his stench is buried and hidden deep away
But my world is rotting while gulping Chardonnay
Feeling good, celebrating and chanting hooray!
A glimpse of heaven a sight of paradise please, I pray
I can’t stand this mess. Let me run if I may

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