Open Letter

Dear Father that I’ve never met.

Why do I live? Why do I die?
Is it perhaps for hope and love? Or is it for terror and shame? If the former, why am I deprived? If for the latter, why?
Does the world make sense? Where is it? If it’s hidden, what’s the point?
Is it worth living for something I’ll never prove, or is it blackmail?

Why do I always feel ripped in two? Is there a purpose for this struggle? You know, Your creatures get depressed when they realize that living “happily ever after” is fiction. Doesn’t that mean it’s a sad world where mostly bad things happen?

Is there a destiny at the end of this dark journey? Is there a sun in the horizon to shine light into this terrifying night? Is there a map to show me the way out? Where does it lead, and why should I trust the biased cartographer?

Was there ever a prisoner that escaped the cage of life, or at least cracked holes in the cement walls and the metal barriers? Is judgment day real? What’s the achievement of punishing when it’s not witnessed by the persecuted? What’s the vengeance of torturing a defenseless, self-created entity?

Is there a reason to know anything when you can’t really know enough? Is swimming through the sea and never reaching the shore considered progress? Does the distance you swam make a difference while you drown?

Does truth exist?  Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists and pagans all claim it and deny it the others, who holds this very one truth?
Who is worth praise? Wealthy entrepreneurs, successful actors, careless comedians, beautiful models, talented artists, brilliant scientists, philosophers, philanthropists, scholars or perhaps the dumb scorner?

Mostly, why fire a weapon that won’t attack? Why bother putting up a shield that doesn’t hold back the arrows? Why bleed in a battle you will never triumph? Why fight an enemy that will never surrender?

From the battlefield your beloved,

See Comfortable Answers for further elaboration on this subject.


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