Sweet Venom

Lust is the Cobra of feelings.
Taints the blood with the signature of death
Infecting the mind by her sting
Her hug is a fatal noose
Her kiss bares the soul empty

Like a curse of old,
a misfortune of the poor
No doctor ever healed her victim
nor did he find a cure

Whoever fell into her pit
so deep and far
They eternally lost in the abyss
so complex and dark

Like a drunkard in denial
is the one in passion
His detachment of reality
is his feeling of high

He will sober, fall and it will hurt
Yet like seductive wine,
everyone craves and pursues her
Like intoxication,
by the time you feel it,
you lost control

Her popularity filled the streets with mass graves of live corpses.
She blinded the visionary,
deafened the wise, and muted the music of life

Like a lonely witch, cynical and cruel
Her eyes tell frightening stories
her intentions are dangerous
It’s a path of no return

If you followed it you began to expire
Like thirst in a dessert and hunger in a famine
Slow and painful is her torture.

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