It was projected
when I was born
to be rejected
my spirit be torn

Piercing my hearts
with no guilt or shame
A target for darts
yet me they blame

To rely and trust
maybe was wrong
Bleed if I must
not look to the strong

Now I am lost
forever to wander
Was it worth the cost
I forever wonder

If I grieve and cry
will anyone hear
Or will they shy
and not even care

I know I will fall
need some help
No one to call
to hear my yelp

Oh, it’s so dark
I feel so alone
Missing my spark
my soul it shone

Eyes of compassion
ears full of love
A promise of passion
like the heaven above

When I tire the chase
on the ground I tarry
An understanding embrace
a hand me to carry

A soothing whisper
with a divine smile
Logic no crisper
in a world so vile

Why awake from nightmare
if the day’s worse
Just terror and fear
grief and remorse

The clouds so grey
beholding the rain
The world’s in decay
so full of pain

Advice isn’t wanted
I don’t want to hear
Rather be haunted
than nonsense to bear

I’ll live in a cave
alone and sad
I’ll forever crave
the love I had

7 Replies to “Rejection”

  1. Hello there. Thank you so much for the follow. So good to meet you.I certainly share your confusion about this crazy world we inhabit.
    Please can you tell me a little about being a Hasidic Jew. All the very best. Kris.

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