To be or not to be


In the conflict of identity wrong from right
for each a case made with good sources to cite
My soul, once peaceful, and Eden-like site
was so very alive but suffered fatal smite
Destroyed and consumed smoke rising to height
my blood drenches the soil like sacrificial rite
Weary of endless battle tired of eternal fight
lost, abandoned, like in forest by night
wolves joining my cry, with owl in flight

Should I let myself free like winds blow a kite
follow pleasures my inclinations to excite?
Immerse in the studies forever gain insight
investing in knowledge on wisdom to delight?
Clean others’ chimneys but not remain white
thereby enabling the cold a fire to ignite?
Worry about myself and keep cares finite
laugh among crying, live among dead- in spite?

Winds, carry my voice don’t deafen my plight
Message from lost soldier, roar of a falling knight
Don’t envy ignorants, though their blissful sight
Their minds are caged and hearts sealed tight
Don’t jealous the intellectuals smart and bright
It takes no courage to think, to speculate- no might
Esteem a brave warrior who stands with no fright
Not yielded by challenge nor scared of a bite
For his sun will triumph this terrible night

And for now, that’s all I can write


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