Betzalel’s Poem

Hi everyone!

Like most bloggers, I use this blog as a platform to share my thoughts and feelings with as many people as I can reach. All the Posts on this blog were mine. Up until now.

After my friend Betzalel read the post Holy Snakes he sent me the following poem. I felt it would be wrong if I would keep it to myself. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever read. So here it is:

I know I’m in pain, I know that you know
but is it a kiss, or is it a blow
the choke of your hold, or a loving embrace,
how can I know, if I can’t see your face

Is anger and fury, what your image belies
or the tenderest care, are the tears in your eyes
why do you hide, your face from my sight
is it shrouded in darkness, or blinded by light

I can’t tell pangs of labor, from the tortures of death
the heat of your wrath, from the warmth of your breath
your loving stroke, from your striking hand
what then is the point, if I can’t understand


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