“Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21)

I usually write out of inspiration; I first have an idea, poem, senseless piece of thought-garbage etc., then an impulse forces me to grab a pen and inscribe the thought, and then perfect it and then post it here online for everlasting life. Not so today, though. Today, I don’t know what to write. I don’t even have an idea of which direction I want to take this post. I’m not writing to say something. I’m writing because I can’t remain silent!

I have an unspoken policy on my blog (that I’m about to break). Like most Americans, and even many non-Americans, I have opinions regarding the recent US election. But I’ve never mentioned them or spoken about them here on this blog. For me my blog has always been a haven free of the strife, hate and bad feelings that politics brings. The world is divided enough without me I don’t need to add gasoline to the fire.

But what I saw today forced me to break my rule, for there was a red line that was crossed. When I first saw the meme proposing an “extermination” of one of the worlds largest faiths, I refuse to believe my eyes. What bothered me was not so much that some crazy person can post such a picture, I always knew terrible people exist. However, the fact that so many thousands of people liked reposted and commented favorably to that horrendous meme is terrifying. Did they even think what they were “liking”? We’re not talking about killing a serial killer, a rapist or cannibals, we’re talking about wiping out hundreds of millions of men, women, children, families, communities and countries, across every continent!

So you say, don’t take it so seriously, don’t be so technical, it was just a joke… and I say A JOKE? You’re joking about wiping out hundreds of millions of innocent people? What’s wrong with you? Who makes jokes of this sort? A decent human being wouldn’t exterminate flock of sheep… Did we not learn anything from recent history? We cannot afford to let demagogues preach hate and violence and simply let it go. [I didn’t compare anyone to Hitler, I would never. I just said that we have to learn from history.]

So, my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, as a Jew who has very clear and vivid imagery of the manifestation of ‘extermination’ threats, I shout out today NEVER AGAIN! It is not the first time in the election that people made terrible comments about your faith and your communities, but perhaps the snake of Islamomphobia is more poisonous than I thought. And I pray to God that people see its danger and kill that serpent before it kills all of us. For hate unleashed knows no borders, language, color or background.

And love is the same, in that way. So rather let’s engage in love and embrace each other, and our differences. In harmony and peace.

12 Replies to “NEVER AGAIN!”

  1. Thank you for taking a stand and rising up for the survival of love, which has been forgotten by many lately. I haven’t seen this post before you shared it on this blog. And it angers me a lot too. The world is here for all of us, and we need to rid ourselves of all this unnecessary racism and Islamophobia. Today I send love to all those who need it. I don’t care who you are, how you dress, or who you pray to.

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  2. With your post, I can certainly understand your feelings on this. I see it differently because I work with the Marine Corps with the wounded warrior regiment. Most of these men and women were wounded in a Muslim country fighting for with and for Muslims.

    When they see something like this, yes, they cheer and like it. Not because they want to see all Muslims exterminated. They equate “Mad Dog” as their leader in exterminating terrorists. As do I.

    It’s a poorly worded meme to be sure. I simply ask you to withhold judgment for those of us who see it in a different context.

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    1. Okay. I agree that all terrorists should be killed before they can kill others. The danger becomes when you take 1.6 billion people and judge them by a fraction of lunatics (a fraction of 1.6 B can be a few million but they are still not the majority and perhaps not a significant minority, as far as numbers are concerned)
      Thanks for your service with our wounded warriors

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      1. I think you say it best with “fraction of lunatics”. There are a fraction of lunatics on every side of every issue. Only the fringe lunatics would think exterminating 1.6 billion Muslims is a valid idea just as fringe lunatics believe blowing up innocent people is a valid idea. I don’t know any of the the trained killers in the military who believe this is a valid idea.

        I’m a conservative and support the idea of slowing, if not stopping, refugee immigration of people from known terrorist sympathizing countries until we know a valid vetting system is in place. Most (even all) of my conservative friends believe as I do. The only thing which could lead anyone to believe this view is about Muslims is that most refugees are coming from Muslim countries. I don’t know anyone who considers harming anyone based on their religious beliefs a valid prospect.

        Again, it’s a poorly worded meme but I don’t believe your fears of mass homicide are founded in reality. Thanks for allowing me to share a different perspective. Like you, I try to stay out of politics and focus people on love. God bless.

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      2. my pleasure.
        Let me ask you, if you don’t mind, Say there is a good vetting system in place, would you open your doors for those in peril?


      3. That would be the difficult part and it could take some time and be problematic. Where do all the refugees go while a system is created?

        Perhaps you and I can solve all the world’s problems.

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      4. I wish… That’s what God is for… I don’t want to get into politics regarding the existing vetting system, which I think we disagree about its effectiveness and thoroughness. I just hope the new administration will try to help the desperate refugees… Plus you can give a few bedrooms which is a big help….

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