Winter Rain

The atmosphere’s dusty
Dirt replaced oxygen
Drinking water is dirty

The road’s grease slimy
Ashes from fumes and engines

All gather and accumulate
Till bacteria nearly visible

Disease plague the fragile population
Lungs breath charcoal and gas

The flowing river now skeletal rock
Inhabitants of jungles lay weak

The trees dying from thirst
Her fruit long abandoned

The fields faint in dehydration
It’s grass brown and burnt

Lands crack like the desert
Daises and lilies long forgotten

Will they ever come back?

Oh, clouds of glory
You’re indeed a wonder cure

The ultimate blessing of creation
You give life to desperate farms

You cleanse and purify the cities
Quench beast and grazing sheep

You wash stains and germs

Strengthen the frail
And heal the sick

I love you, Winter Rain
You’re the miracle of rebirth!

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