I am officially addicted

Any hobby that I ever had, took me through four stages.


  1.  I got to know my hobby-to-be. I got a liking to it, and started to explore its ways and nature.
  2. I fell madly in love and obsessively engaged in my hobby. Distracted myself from everything else and just spent days and nights carelessly, ceaselessly engulfed in my hobby. I ignored the basic responsibilities of life and bonded my soul to this hobby in the most intimate way.
  3. I came to the realization that I’m completely invaded by whatever this former foreign entity was, and might be in mortal danger if i don’t act quickly. So I withdrew spontaneously, leaving a tremendous void in my soul.
  4. I tried to find the right balance. Sometimes successfully and sometimes failing miserably.

By now, I’m neck-deep in step two, with my writing-blogging. Where it will take me from now? God knows. I’m full of adrenaline, excitement and creativity. But it may very well be heroin or Ecstasy in a different form. It is simultaneously fatal and lifesaving…

What did/would you do?

15 Replies to “I am officially addicted”

  1. Well… I made my blog exclusively for sharing my poetry. And I’m not someone who ever sits down with the objective of writing a poem (especially haiku, which most of mine are). But as soon as I’ve written one, it absolutely has to go up on the blog, and little old ladies or puppies couldn’t stand in my way.

    So yeah… dunno what to tell ya ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Maybe set yourself a rigid schedule.


  2. Hobbies do this with us. ๐Ÿ˜€
    They lure us, demand for our engrossing attention, and make us forget all our other activities. At times, hobbies show us a way which we kept on over-looking before, and other times (in fact, most of the times) we simply get over this ‘adrenaline’ period of our hobby, and everything falls back at its place eventually.

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