God’s Hide-and-Seek Game

There’s a Hasidic tale related, of the Holy Ba’al Shem Tov (The Master of the Good Name), that his two grandchildren, Baruch and Ephraim were playing hide-and-seek. Baruch hid behind a tree and eagerly waited for Ephraim to start his search. Ephraim, however, wasn’t in the mood of searching, so he distracted himself with other childish games and entirely forgot about his brother in hiding. Baruch waited, and waited, and waited and no one was coming to look for him. When he realized what had happened he sat beside the tree and wept bitterly.

The Holy Besh”t, sitting in the forest in meditation was suddenly distracted by the crying voice of a child. The Besh”t followed the voice and discovered it to be his grandson, Baruch. He sat down near Baruch and asked what was wrong. “I hid, and hoped Ephraim would come and look for me, meanwhile he didn’t even try. He didn’t care that I was waiting. He didn’t care to play without me!”

The Besh”t’s eyes filled with tears, he looked at his grandchild, and said: “now you know, Baruch, what God feels like!”

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