Flying and Falling

When I was young I had a dream

In the dream I had wings,

I flew like an eagle

Taller than mountains, vaster than sea

Over fields of never ending green

Rivers and rain forest and deserts

Animals and beasts and fish

People of white brown and olive

I was above all. I was gliding free


I went to a sage, an old wise man

And asked him if I can live my dream

He told me he’ll teach me to fly


We walked to a mountain

a cliff at its side

He showed me the view

it looked just like my dream


He gave me the confidence

and convinced me to jump and fly

I fell and fell until I hit rock bottom


My feet were broken my hands torn

I was bleeding and bruising

I was withering in pain

The old man was gone


I came back to my village

I needed cure and help

Not for broken limbs

for broken dreams, broken trust


A went to the old sage, I cried

He looked at me with love and compassion

Why? I asked


My son,

If you want to pursue your dream

If you want to know how to fly

you first need to know how to fall

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