The Labor of Thought

Through the forest of doubt

the path to clarity is paved

For the darkness of confusion

Ignites the torch of wisdom

By torturous labor pangs

Destiny of peace is reached


Yet like suffering of childbearing

When realizing the fruit produced

All pain seems worthwhile


But sometimes I feel

I’ve conceived a tiny thought

Slowly developed into idea

I then carried and nurtured it

Suffered nausea and morning sickness

Sleepless nights tossing and turning

And then,

I given birth to a stillborn

12 Replies to “The Labor of Thought”

    1. I wish you would split this comment in two; so I can like the first half and dislike the second…
      Don’t be small in your eyes, it is probably more sinful than being vain and arrogant. Thanks for the first half of the comment, though 😉

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      1. This is one reason I like the WordPress. We learn from people thoughout our world. We need to read, travel and communicate. Allow us to see the true world.

        Liked by 1 person

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