Oh, my angel

Thousand of years ago

my soul was born to a violent world

I was scared of the future

lonely in the present


Then I was visited by an angel

He consoled and comforted me

told me stories of love, peace, and pleasure

prophesies of tranquility and spirits.


I longed, yearned, and looked forward

to the bliss that will redeem

the harmony that will unite

the music that will cure


And then, my angel,

you betrayed me

you spread your wings

ascended the ladder

and abandoned me


In a world of fools

with their shallow conversations

and silly laughter

senseless competition

and flawed logic

I live alone


I’m tormented by your visions

tortured by your hope

isolated by your thought

haunted by your dream

I’m secluded


In a dark cellar

in an abandoned cave

in the cold abyss

in a desert devoid of life

I wait in silence


I raise my eyes

I see you smile freely

with fellow angels


Damn you, cynical coward

you deceived me with your lies

and escaped like a fugitive

from our world of misery


like me, you were threatened by reality

but I have no wings

I have no ladder

and now, I have no friend


Yes, you’re a coward

and I don’t miss you

laugh at me

I no longer care

3 Replies to “Oh, my angel”

  1. I’m sorry that you feel sad. I’ve often felt that way.

    The summit seems far in the distance; the valley is all around us. We must pass through the valley before we can reach the summit. However, we will reach it. And having passed through the valley, we will fully appreciate the value of what we’ve reached. That’s my opinion.

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