Oh, Jerusalem

We heard your tales

We sang your songs

We drew your portrait

We never forgot


We always loved you

for your eternal beauty

Your heavenly splendor

Your humble grace


Nay, you didn’t posses

What other capitols celebrate

You have neither massive bridges

Nor majestic palaces

No statues or arts

No monuments to victories

No alps or beaches

No music or culture

Not even natural greenery


But we didn’t care for that

For we were seduced by

your narrow dirt roads

Your donkey and camel

Your barefoot children

Your tragic desolation

Your ruins

Your story…


(to be continued…)


5 Replies to “Oh, Jerusalem”

  1. Reblogged this on Blogging Theology and commented:

    Hi there,
    Here’s a poem I wrote this morning. Please don’;t get petty and start a meaningless argument about who took what away from whom, there are enough people doing that already. For one minute, let’s all hold hands and agree that we love Jerusalem


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