I think and I cry
My heart aches with pain
I breath through a sigh
I no longer feel sane

A broken empty shell
Shadow of my old past
’tis the limbo of good and hell
That finished me at last

Torn and bruised my soul
By all the battles it fought
Yet no comfort to console
The unanswered it sought

Still in dark I reside
With no light in distance
But I can’t just abide
And choke my resistance

“Just follow like blind sheep
Don’t doubt the common way
Alikes fell abysmal deep
And vanished to this day”

That is what I’m told
It is the common sense
You have to fit a mold
Rather live by pretense

Nay, I shout loud
We’re not just one case
We should be allowed
To run our own chase

If we eachother imitate
And deny that we differ
We will never relate
But forever grow stiffer

The autumn tree colors
Painted with many shades
The harmony of polars
Of twos and ace of spades

Girls and boys young
Old seniors with canes
Rich, the poor among
Ignorants and sharp brains

All will slowly rotten
Like a corpse in the sun
And then will be forgotten
Like a weather bygone

If we rid thoughtcrime
And encourage creativity
The world will again shine
From beautiful diversity

Oh, what will be with me
Can I my truths surrender
Will I live long to see
Light the dark to render

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