Comment Policy

Okay, every blog needs to have rules. Here are mine:

  1. I would love for you to share your thoughts. Please don’t use bad language, and try your best not to attack anyone personally.
  2. Please don’t keep your comment anonymous. I think if you won’t take responsibility for what you say, it probably should not be said.
  3. If I contradict myself don’t make a big deal out of it. My life is one big contradiction…
  4. Remember this for life and especially while your visit at my place. NO ONE IS HITLER! There’s a habit of people to compare everything they dislike or resent to Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazis and anything associated with Germany 1933-1945. That will not be accepted here. Not Trump, Putin, Obama, Merkel, Erdogan, Bush, Netanyahu, Al-Sisi, Modi, or others, not even real bad people like Saddam Hussain, Quaddafi, Bin-Laden, and their alikes. As long as they didn’t destroy a continent [and seriously damage two others] and kill tens of million innocent people, it is not accurate to tag them with the “Hitler” tag. It distorts our perception of Hitler, and is so cliché that it will make both, the person-in-discussion and Hitler meaningless.
  5. I’m in desperate need for more rules… I think I ran out of them.

Sorry, ran out of rules. Enjoy your stay.


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