My Dilemma

The morning sun breaks through the density of the dark forest night, signaling to me that another day dawned. A day like the many that preceded, one of ceaseless search and hopeless attempts of finding my out of this lonely nightmarish forest, to the Promised Land. The map I acquired was insufficient for it was written in old letters and the diagrams seemed outdated. So I decided to find the path on my own, Continue reading “My Dilemma”

Betzalel’s Poem

Hi everyone!

Like most bloggers, I use this blog as a platform to share my thoughts and feelings with as many people as I can reach. All the Posts on this blog were mine. Up until now.

After my friend Betzalel read the post Holy Snakes he sent me the following poem. I felt it would be wrong if I would keep it to myself. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever read. So here it is: Continue reading “Betzalel’s Poem”

My Invincible Pen

I sit here and begin to write, though I know absolutely nothing about what the content will end up being. What I feel, is a compulsive need to inscribe random thoughts on an empty sheet. Much likes a painter or sculptor; in the beginning whether canvas or marble, all is blank. But potentially they can unravel beautiful artifacts worth marvel and praise. Or possibly make us nostalgic to the canvas’ untainted blankness. Continue reading “My Invincible Pen”

Open Letter

Dear Father that I’ve never met.

Why do I live? Why do I die?
Is it perhaps for hope and love? Or is it for terror and shame? If the former, why am I deprived? If for the latter, why?
Does the world make sense? Where is it? If it’s hidden, what’s the point?
Is it worth living for something I’ll never prove, or is it blackmail? Continue reading “Open Letter”