My little War of Independence

Parenting is complicated, to say the least. It’s the lesson we learnt in adolescence; when our parents were selfish, paranoid, control-freaks. It was then, when we swore by our conscience that we will give our children all the ‘space’ and ‘independence’ in the world and God forbid not perpetuate the closed parenting we inherited. Continue reading “My little War of Independence”

The Story of a Tapestry

They say “a picture speaks a thousand words”, regarding my tapestry I say: the needlework speaks millions of words. To the visitor in my home, the needlework is a beautifully knitted picture of Kever Rachel (Rachel’s Tomb). In our tradition Rachel is the ultimate mother of Israel, the mother who cares and cries for her children, as the prophet says:  Continue reading “The Story of a Tapestry”

My Dear Child

My beautiful child, I began writing this letter dozens of times, but my heart grew heavy and my pen trembled and restrained. Although you may comprehend you won’t fully understand why it is so heartbreaking for me, but the day will come and you will feel it. Today I realized that it is foolish to ignore the inevitable, so I want to dedicate this letter to you the love of my life, the sun in my horizon, the glory of my world. Continue reading “My Dear Child”