Jacob’s guide to emotional health

In the Book of Genesis, the bible relates of the confrontation of two long estranged brothers. Jacob escaped from his parents’ home in fear of his brother Esau from whom he’d robbed their father’s final blessing. Now, when the scene is set, it is thirty-five years later and Jacob heard rumors that his brother is coming to meet him, so Jacob sent messengers to get exact details: Continue reading “Jacob’s guide to emotional health”

Self-Control: Step One


It all started many years ago, shortly after we reached adolescence. We were innocent, pure, and clean; our feet walked the path in the direction of heaven. Not long after we embarked on our journey, we curiously studied the surroundings of our path, and that is when the trouble began. Side roads breaking off our path appeared every few meters; they overwhelmed us with their excitement and pleasure, their glamour and beauty. As hard as we tried to stay true to our path and its destiny, the side roads enticed us to change our ways. At one point or another, we succumbed to their seduction and abandoned our path. Months, years and decades passed with lightning speed but we were too drunk to feel the passage of time. One day, we awoke like a drunkard from his wine; we looked around and wondered where we are, how did we get there, and then worried of the final destination to where these roads lead us. Continue reading “Self-Control: Step One”

My Invincible Pen

I sit here and begin to write, though I know absolutely nothing about what the content will end up being. What I feel, is a compulsive need to inscribe random thoughts on an empty sheet. Much likes a painter or sculptor; in the beginning whether canvas or marble, all is blank. But potentially they can unravel beautiful artifacts worth marvel and praise. Or possibly make us nostalgic to the canvas’ untainted blankness. Continue reading “My Invincible Pen”

Holy Snakes

The Israelites’ journey through the desert en route to the Holy Land was dramatic, adventurous, and Utopian. Enveloped in the Clouds of Glory they were protected from the inevitable dangers of the desert; they ate manna from heaven and drank water from a rock, their clothes were never ragged and their shoes never tattered. In the communal realm, they had many peaceful moments Continue reading “Holy Snakes”


Ten Commandments of Dieting

  1. I AM fat and need to lose weight[1].
  2. Thou shalt not have any graven image before thine eyes, specifically hippopotamus’ and Barbie Dolls, for they will despair you or give you false satisfaction[2].
  3. Thou shalt not use the word “diet” in vain[3].
  4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. However, colored sodas and fatty foods do not contribute to the holiness per se.
  5. Honour thy mother and her food. For God takes no responsibility to one who declines his mother’s food for any reason whatsoever.
  6. Thou shalt not kill yourself by starvation[4].
  7. Thou shalt not commit cheating acts.
  8. Thou shalt not sneak steadily[5].
  9. Thou shalt not bear false records of thine weight or actions while dieting[6].
  10. Thou shalt not crave chocolate, nor warm bagels, nor fresh cakes, nor licorice and all sorts of ice creams.[1] For one to take the dramatic decision to change their eating habits there must be absolute conviction, so that’s why that is the first and core of all ten, for if that is in question it will take a mood swing to end the diet and all it accomplishments hence far.[2] When looking at other people calms you down or makes you nervous, you should be worried. Because it is dangerous to live by comparison, be who you really are.[3] If you are not serious about dieting, do not say that you are on a diet and break it an hour later. For when you really will want to diet, it will have no serious meaning to you.

    [4] Extreme dieting is dangerously unhealthy for many things besides that it can cause severe anorexia.

    [5] Cheating is a spontaneous act while sneaking in this context is a reoccurring way of conduct.

    [6] Deception is one of the worst of human traits and can be very self destructive and harmful to the path of accomplishment.